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The Pedagogical Prize


Since 2006, NCK’s Pedagogical Prize has been awarded annually to any person or institution that has made outstanding contributions to the field of heritage learning in the Nordic or Baltic region. The awardee shall through his/her work give good examples for inspiration and contribute to promoting heritage learning and reaching out to a larger audience.

> The nominated person/institution shall be active in the Nordic or Baltic region.

> The nomination should comprise of a short description of the
person’s/institution’s work within heritage learning and how the
person/institution has inspired, contributed to and influenced the work
conducted in the field, coupled with a statement on the reasons why the
nominator thinks the nominee should be awarded the prize.

> You are not allowed to nominate yourself or your institution.

> Decisions on prize winners will be made by NCK’s board in November.

> The prize will be awarded at NCK’s Spring Conference in February.

> The awardee will receive a diploma, 25 000 sek, and the honour of being one of the keynote speakers at the next NCK’s Spring Conference.