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Turning Access into Learning

The Turning Access into Learning (TAL) project, bringing together partners from both Nordic and Baltic Archives, investigated the role and usability of digital archival databases and resources in adult informal learning. Within the TAL project, NCK along with our partners at the National Archives of Estonia, the National Archives of Iceland, Aalborg City Archives and the Regional Archives in Östersund carried out research into adult learners’ use of the available resources and address the effectiveness of these in supporting and fostering adult learning. A particular emphasis was placed on technology and the developing role it plays in widening access to learning and developing communities.

TAL kicked off in September 2015 and it was financed for three years by Nordplus Adult (09/2015 – 8/2018).


Dissemination & Deliverables

December 2015

Christidou, D. (2015) Turning Access into Learning: The case of Digital Archives in the Nordic and Baltic region. Riksarkivets konferens, Stockholm, 10 December.

October 2016

Jensen, B., Press, M. (2016) Turning Access into Learning: From the View of the Archives. DCDC Conference, Manchester, 10-12 October 2016.

November 2018

The final project report can be downloaded here: Press, Maria – Ulrica Löfstedt – Sara Grut – Bente Jensen – Liina Madla – Tiina Männapso – Helga Hlín Bjarnadottír (2018) Turning Access into Learning. Exploring digital archives and their potential for learning.


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