Vi utmanar och förändrar människors sätt att tänka kring och använda kulturarv


Spring conference 2023

NCK’s Spring Conference 28-29 Mars will be on site at Jamtli in Östersund! The programme is under construction, but we can already present the following speakers:

Marianne Folkedotter, storyteller at Västerbotten Museum. Marianne received the NCK Pedagogical Prize 2022 for her pioneering work in highlighting storytelling as intangible cultural heritage and mediation method. She will present her work on using storytelling as a tool for both mediation and co-creation.

Sigrid Oldenburg, cultural heritage developer Region Blekinge. Sigrid will present the ongoing project Meet the Master – the depth of knowledge and the expression of the future, which aims to highlight craftsmen who hold master’s letters in older crafts. The project’s method is primarily to create cross-meetings between the craft, the masters and other creative expressions such as arts and crafts, music and board games, to name a few.

Sam Hultin, artist. Sam works from an interest in queer history, identity and community, exploring connections between personal experiences and political and social structures. In the presentation, Sam will talk about their work on the project Eva-Lisa’s monument where they activates the archive of trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtson (1932-2018).


A tip is to book accommodation as soon as possible. We have a few rooms reserved at Hotel Emma with a special booking code, to receive this, email: . Jamtli hostel is a budget accommodation located completely close to the conference room, email Anna for a booking code with 25% discount there.

This year’s theme

Under the theme of Cultural heritage in creative processes, we want to delve deeply into the meeting between creativity and cultural heritage, and examine how this meeting opens up for new forms of pedagogy and learning. What happens when cultural heritage is used by artists and cultural workers and takes on new forms of expression? How can cultural heritage institutions use creative expressions such as visual arts, theatre, poetry, games, or dance to both convey and co-create? Which power relations and taken-for-granted truths are challenged in the meeting between the knowledge-based and the artistic?

Call for papers

We believe that there are many exciting examples around the Nordic and Baltic region and are therefore opening up a call for papers for the conference. We welcome speakers from all parts of the heritage and culture sector: perhaps you are a researcher, heritage educator, cultural worker, civil servant, working in the civil society, or something else entirely?

If you have an idea about something you would like to present during the conference, fill out this form before 31 January 2023.

Register for the conference here

Conference fees

Regular price: SEK 3 000 excl. VAT.
Participants from NCK’s owners: SEK 2 300 excl VAT.
Non-profit associations, freelancers, organizations with a maximum of 10 employees: SEK 1500 excl. VAT.
Students: SEK 850 excl. VAT.
The prices include two lunches, one dinner and coffee, if you do not wish to participate in the dinner, a deduction of SEK 500 will be made from the fee.

Last day to register is Tuesday 14 March.