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Survey of volunteers at archives

Do you work in archives? Answer the survey and help us map the state of volunteer leadership and management within the Nordic archives sector.

You can find the survey via the appropriate link:
Sweden   Norway   Denmark   Finland

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete (less if you do not have volunteers). Your answers can help us understand your needs better and develop tools which benefit you the most. We really appreciate your time and effort and thank you in advance!

Why this survey?
One part of the project Leading and Learning – Connecting Nordic Museums and Archives in Volunteer Leadership is to map to what extent and how archives in the Nordic countries engage volunteers in their activities. This is groundbreaking work as no such mapping has been done before on a Nordic level. It is also the first step towards developing tools and resources to be used by archives in their volunteer management efforts. The results of the survey will be part of a report on the state of volunteering within the Nordic archives sector, which will be released by the project and shared with you.

Which archives should answer the survey?
We are interested both in answers from archives which engage volunteers and those who do not. We are also interested in answers from archives which are solely run by volunteers. 

Who at the archive should answer the survey?
The survey can be answered by the director or head of board, or the person responsible for volunteer management, if there is such a function in your archive. 

What do we mean when we say volunteer?
The term “volunteer” can mean different things in different contexts. We have also realised that a lot of archives might be engaging people through volunteer work even though they do not see that themselves. Therefore, we have made the following definition of a volunteer in archives: 

– People who contribute to the archives’ work through completing tasks without getting a salary
– People who can be identified by the archive 
– The volunteering can take place online or onsite at the archive
– The volunteering can be managed by the archive itself or by an organization which the archive collaborates with
– The volunteering of a person is sustained over a period of time rather than just a one-time event.