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Spring Conference 2020 Shaping sustainable futures through heritage

NCK’s spring conference 2020 will take place February 12-13 2020 with the theme “Shaping sustainable futures through heritage”.

It will take place in Östersund, Sweden, in Rentzhogsalen at Jamtli Museum.

The conference will engage with the challenging but very important question of how heritage can be used in order to move towards a more sustainable future. We will discuss how different fields within the heritage sector may have different approaches to the future. Instead of seeing the future as an abstract and distant entity we will aim for an approach which highlights how the future is continuously shaped by our present-day actions. From the perspective of heritage management, the future can be seen as a result of institutionalized practices within the sector. In other words: heritage shapes futures! Therefore, informed future-perspectives will benefit the heritage sector: it will prepare the sector to meet other demands and expectations that a different future will place on heritage, and – ideally – make the sector an active creator of a more sustainable future. However, in order for this to happen, discussions and exchanges of ideas and perspectives are necessary. 

We are approaching sustainable futures from the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development as listed in UN’s Agenda 2030, which involves building an inclusive, diverse and just society. The conference will include three main sub-themes: 1.) Conflict resolution through dissonant heritage, 2.) Creating a future of diversity through heritage and 3.) heritage and climate change. These three sub-themes are selected because they engage with pivotal points within the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: i.e. Climate Action; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions as well as Reduced Inequalities. The conference will host speakers from universities, museums, archives as well as artists and activists, in order to reach a broad and diverse discussion. It will also initiate workshops in which each participant will be actively contributing. It is our aim to create an inclusive, engaging and forward-oriented meeting!

Preliminary Program

12 February 2020




Welcome and introduction to the conference, Gustav Wollentz, NCK. 


Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University. Sustainable Futures for Heritage.


Coffee break, Jamtli Café.


Theme 1. Conflict Resolution through Dissonant Heritage

Laura Mcatackney, Århus University. Long term perspectives on dissonant heritage and the potential of commemorative periods: lessons from Ireland.

Daniel Laven, Jack Shepherd (Mid Sweden University) and Linda Shamma (artist). Autoethnographic journeys through contested spaces: The role of tourism in facilitating transformative dialogue.

Višnja Kisić, Center for Museology and Heritology, Belgrade. Moving from the gettoisation of conflicts: heritage dissonance in agonistic politics and pluralist societies.


Lunch, Restaurant Hov.


Theme 2. Creating a Future of Diversity through Heritage

Lasse Sonne, University of South-Eastern Norway. Including Refugees through Heritage Learning: How do we develop a heritage learning methodology with a purpose to contribute to the inclusion of refugees in Europe? Results from a European project.

Samuel Edquist, Mid Sweden University. Preserving archival records for the future – for whom, and for what purposes?

Torgrim Sneve Guttormsen, NIKU. How Refugee Heritage will shape Future Heritage Management: lessons from Norway.


Panel discussion


Coffee break, Jamtli Café.


Sanna Holmkvist and Maria Wennberg, Universitets och Högskolerådet. International opportunities for sustainability?


Conference dinner, Restaurant Hov.


13 February 2020


Helene Møllevik, winner of NCK’s Pedagogical award 2019.


Theme 3. Heritage and Climate change

Jienny Gillerstedt, Bohusläns Museum. RE:USE! about sustainable and immersive exhibition rooms with innovative technique.

Anders Hansson, Jamtli, and Peter Ladan, Världsarvsbolaget Ragundadalen. The Dead Fall, World Heritage and UN:s Sustainable Development Goals.

More speakers to be announced. 


Coffee Break, Jamtli Café.


Panel Discussion


Lunch, Restaurant Hov


Parallel Block: A Time Travel to 2070! Bridging Ages, Kalmar County Museum.

Parallel Block: Spilloteket, a creative democracy workshop that uses waste from Jämtland’s industries in all its doing and thinking. 

End of conference: 14.00


Conference fee: 2800 kr (+ 25% VAT)

Two lunches as well as the conference dinner are included in the conference fee.

Traveling to Östersund

We recommend that you book your flight or train journey at an early stage, as there will be various events during this period and a great demand for trips to Östersund. There are several daily departures from Arlanda Airport (SAS) or from Bromma (Malmö Aviation) To Åre / Östersund Airport. Central Östersund is about a 15-minute drive from the airport. Airport buses run the route between the airport and Östersund. Taxi Östersund is the largest taxi company and can be reached at number 063199000. Train tickets are booked via SJ or Norrtåg. The train station is centrally located, a few minutes walk from the center of Östersund.

Staying in Östersund

Accommodation is not included in the conference fee. However, NCK has reserved a certain amount of rooms in hotels/hostels for the participants of the conference. Contact Anna Stugvard for more information.

For registration, please fill out the form here. Registration will close the 15th of January 2020.

If you have any questions, contact .

We look forward to meeting you in Östersund!

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