Vi utmanar och förändrar människors sätt att tänka kring och använda kulturarv


Network “Cultural heritage and well-being”

NCK is heading up a new network project about “Cultural heritage and well-being” with funding from Nordisk Kulturkontakt, together with its partners Århus University (Tine Fristrup), Oslo Museum, Bymuseet (Linken Apall-Olsen), and Estate Academy of Rumsiskes Museum (Gita Sapranauskaite). The background is that research has shown the potential of culture to positively influence people’s health and well-being. In the face of an aging western population and an increasing number of people with mental health problems, these effects contribute to individual life quality as well as to the reduction of costs in the public health sector. This project will establish a Nordic-Baltic network for researchers, cultural heritage institutions and other stakeholders in order to serve as a think-tank for future activities. Would you like to know more and become part of the network? Please contact Berit Hildebrandt.


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