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Regional impact

Regional Impact was an interreg project that run 2013-2014. It was a cooperation between NCK and Museerna i Sör Tröndelag which looked into the effects of cultural heritage institutions on the local community in which they are located. Cultural heritage institutions effects the surroundings. Not only by preserving and manage the cultural heritage and the knowledge but bigger social and economical effects as well. These effects are not particulary well investigated and the potential here are not fully used. The purpose with this project is to do an initial investigation on how museums better and more effective can use the cultural heritage as a resource and create bigger social and economical effects on the surrounding society. In this project, cultural heritage institutions is mainly archives and museums. The idea is based on the Europe 2020 strategy. The project developed indicators and methods to measure the impact of the heritage institutions from a social, economic, cultural, environmental and other  perspectives.


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