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The Nordic Academy for Volunteer Management

The Nordic Academy for Volunteer Management was a joint project of museums, pedagogues and an archive professional from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland that developed courses on different levels for volunteer managers at museums, with NCK being the project leader.

The project builds on the results of the previous collaboration projects Pride, Joy and Surplus Value and Level Up: Securing Quality in Managing Volunteers.

These projects’ results have shown that volunteering in heritage institutions encourages active citizenship, life-long learning and supports well-being by diminishing stress and social isolation. For many museums volunteers add value through their knowledge, by creating a welcoming atmosphere and reaching out to wider audiences. However, the Level Up-survey has shown that many museums are unfamiliar with best practice in managing volunteers and the legal frameworks in their countries.

This projects filled these gaps by developing courses and networks for knowledge exchange for persons working with or planning to work with volunteers at Scandinavian museums.

NCKs previous publications on volunteering can be accessed here and here.

For further information of the courses produced in the project and the possibility to participate in one of them, please contact Gustav Wollentz.


Nordic Figurations of Volunteering (Fornvårdaren 41, Jamtli förlag, NCK)
The publication focuses on the professionalisation of volunteerism. This publication provides a unique collection of articles by authors committed to exploring and improving our understanding of volunteering in the Nordic countries in areas such as sports, social work and cultural heritage. A publication based on the results of the project.