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The Pedagogical Prize

2020 – The National Archives of Estonia

NCKs Pedagogical Prize is annually awarded since 2006 to a person or organisation from the Nordic-Baltic countries who has distinguished itself in the field of heritage learning. The prize is a way of bringing attention to the important work that is done all over the Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of heritage learning. We want to acknowledge all this hard work and also bring forward examples of innovative heritage learning methods that may serve as an inspiration for us all.

This year, we wanted to acknowledge an organisation who’s work in the field of heritage learning might not be known to many but has had a great impact within its country’s borders and beyond. I am very happy to announce that this year’s laureate of the NCK Pedagogical Prize is the National Archives of Estonia.

They have explored the possibilities of using the archive as an interdisciplinary educational tool, which can be used not only in order to learn about the connections between the past and the present but also as a way of escaping the theoretical approach of the classroom and give the students a chance of doing things themselves. In the school program “Adventures at the archives”, which was part of the European cooperation project CO:OP, the students got to solve tasks and make movies based on archival material. Through this method, they were not only getting an understanding of the richness of the archives but also storytelling skills, media education, source criticism, and computer and language skills. This is a remarkable example of how heritage learning is not only learning about heritage, but learning through heritage as well.

The National Archives of Estonia has in recent years got new and improved premises in Tartu, where focus has been put on the learning situation with classrooms and a pedagogical depository. Visitors have witnessed an archive where a lot of thought have been put into how to best serve the users of the archive and their needs. Nevertheless, new and polished buildings is not everything. What is important is how the National Archives of Estonia have put the archive users and citizens as their leading star, wanting to contribute to the democratic development in Estonia and seeing the archive as a key player in that process.

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Since 2006, NCK’s pedagogical prize has been awarded annually to any person or institution that has made outstanding contributions to the field of heritage learning in the Nordic/Baltic region.

NCK’s board goes through the nominations during November and appoints the awardee who is contacted in late November/early December. The prize is awarded during NCK’s spring conference, when the name of the awardee is revealed.

The prize is distributed as a grant of 25 000 SEK and the awardee is invited to hold a lecture at the next NCK’s Spring conference.

Criteria for nominations

You can nominate candidates for the 2021 NCK’s pedagogical prize this autumn 2020.

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