Vi utmanar och förändrar människors sätt att tänka kring och använda kulturarv


Annual Spring Conferences

2020: Shaping sustainable futures through heritage

The conference engaged with the question of how heritage can be used in order to move towards a more sustainable future. It included three main sub-themes: 1) Conflict resolution through dissonant heritage 2) Creating a future of diversity through heritage and 3) Heritage and climate change.

2019: Cultural Heritage – Ownership and Community Building

We looked at the potential of cultural heritage in processes that are aimed at strengthening social cohesion and active citizenship. A central question was how heritage institutions can create a space where society can contribute and communities actively own their heritage.

2018: The meaning(s) of place(s)

NCK’s spring conference 2018 shed light on the meaning of place-bound heritage for individual self-understanding and for social cohesion. We touched on questions about how cultural heritage can be used in order to shape understanding and inclusion through place(s), but also about how the absence of representation can be excluding and marginalizing. A short version of the programme.

2017: Difficult dialogues

2016: Storm of Emotions

2015:  Audience Development

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